Love Made It was established in 2012 on the Sunshine Coast, Australia by Sharyn.  It was born from a returned Navy Veteran & mother’s wish to channel creative energy into finely crafted pieces of jewellery.  Pieces that would be cherished.  Love Made It has evolved over the last 7 years due to a significant hand/thumb injury I sustained preventing me from producing jewellery made from precious metals.  Love Made It went into hibernation but the desire to create and the obsession for jewellery never slept. During 2019 my Royal Australian Navy past came back to haunt me.  Chronic PTSD manifested from my time serving at conflicts with the Australian Navy .  The art and creation behind Love Made It significantly reduces the PTSD and related afflictions.

 I am a sporty mum and wife raising 3 kids each well 4 if you count my husband.  In addition we have my mum and 2 dogs living with us.  Its a crazy, loving and loud household.  I am an everyday mum that runs the kids to and from school, sports, volunteer for the kids schools and believes that Family is everything.  I spend spare time involved as a Welfare officer for Young Veterans on the Sunshine Coast.   I am a bit of a tom boy at heart but I am  obsessed about creating pretty things and decided it was time to evolve Love Made It.  Welcome to Love Made It  a Veterans Journey.

Jewellery has been a passion and creative outlet for over 20 years.  After serving our country with the Royal Australian Navy, having spent a lot of that time jumping out of helicopters armed with a firearm and bullet proof vest wearing horrible baggy grey overalls with no jewellery, it was time to lead a quieter life.  I started making and selling earrings in 2000.  In 2012 completed Fine Jewellers qualifications.

I am a short, loud blonde.  I am 47, yep middle aged and going more and more grey daily due to the teenager.  I am known for being loyal and very passionate.  If it is something I believe in then I throw myself into it with my whole heart and soul.  Love Made It and my business partner are two things I whole heartedly believe in. Im so excited to be making jewellery again, sharing what I love with all of you.